Goldilux UV - C Light Probe (Sensor only)

UV-C Probe

GAL-3L Display – No sensor. Used with all external probes.


A very useful application for UV-C is in hygiene and sterilization. UV-C sources in public spaces must always be mounted at the greatest distance from human eye (e.g. in the ceiling) and out of line of sight from the human observer. UV-C lamps appear as blue lights, but the UV-C portion is not detected by the human eye. UV-C lamps have a limited life span, in which the short-wave radiation is emitted. It is important to check the output at regular interval in order to achieve the germicidal efficacy. Hence the Goldilux UV-C meter must be used to check out the lamps that they are still producing the short wave portion of the spectrum.


Sterilisation of all types. Used for water, air, food products, etc. In the health sector air sterilisation in public spaces is a preventative and used for infection control. Water is pumped over banks of UV-C lights to achieve the level of sterilisation for public health and safety. In food production and public food preparation places UV-lights kill germs and control insect invasion.

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