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Quantitative Imaging solutions and automated Analysis of single cells and tissues. Instrumentation used in Precision Medicine.

We are Tissuegnostics Africa division representing not only South Africa but the whole African Continent.

TissueFAXS hardware consist of Zeiss microscopw – either upright or inverted – and is fitted with these elements of custom build to allow for scanning in the following modes: 

  1. Bright field
  2. Wide-field Fluorescence
  3. Confocal fluorescence
  4. Camera
  5. Light engines
  6. Filter Cubes
  7. Slide loader

The System is can be used with these software packages even offline:

  1. Tissuequest
  2. Histoquest
  3. Strata Quest Base

Apps are developed for specific projects and can be used independantly focussing on a specific tissue structure. 

Also available is an analysis service of microscope data obtained from prepared tissue samples.

These apps are algorithms which can detect glands, tumours, neurons, blood vessels, can do distance and area measurement and evaluate target cell populations.

The TissueFaxs System coupled with the imaging workstation delivering the quantitative Software analysis  packages is used a.o. for Digital Pathology Imaging . This is currently the most revolutionising Diagnostic tool in Pathology and especially in Cancer research and especially by advancing AI in cancer diagnosis and precision oncology.

Please download an intro to this System here:

Upgrades available – such as multi-spectral scanning


Microscopic equivalent to flow cytometry (FACS).
While flow cytometry analysis cells in suspension, we analyze cells slide based – cells in tissue sections and adherent monolayers.

Single Cell Analysis

Assess marker expression, or co-expression within single cells

Tumor- & Cellular- Microenvironment

Perform phenotypic characterization of cellular sub-populations in spatial context


Determine the immune status of organs/tissues in-situ

Detailed Intracellular Characterization

Structural analysis and determination of subcellular marker

Multicellular structure Detection

e.g blood vessels, glomeruli, tumor, stroma, epithelium, epidemis etc.

Quantification of cellular pathogens

including intracellular parasites (e.g. leishmania) and viral load (e.g. SARS-CoV-2, Influenza, HIV, Zika, Dengue, Hepatitis, HSV, Chikungunya)

Rotating Mirror Streak Camera

The Gas turbine Model 131HD is a super resolution streak camera as used by the CSIR in South Africa.

Cordin Scientific Imaging

Scientific Imaging

Ultra-High Speed Cameras – the fastest and highest quality imaging systems in the world. Capable of working at over 2.5 Million frames/second.

Located in located in Salt Lake City Utah, USA.

CSIR in South Africa is amongst the long list of company names of globally recognised customers.

The products are:

Framing camera systems and Streak Cameras


  • Aerodynamics
  • Computer Imaging
  • High Energy Physics
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Life Sciences
  • Material Science
  • Research
  • Mechanics
  • Military and Defence
  • Research
  • Nanotechnology
  • Time Resolved
  • Spectroscopy
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This is a catalogue order company. MIT is offering the services to its network of customers to source and supply selected and supplementary items for convenience in transaction and requirement.

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Andeen Hagerling

Capacitance Loss Bridges – for the highest accuracy demands in electrical metrology

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Edmund Optics

This is a catalogue optics and Opto-mechanics supplier. Specialising in a product range which is off-the-shelf and supplementary to the precision product range offered by high-end partners such as OptoSigma. MIT offers to supplement and supply niche market products through this channel.

Products and Services

Optical Components

Filter sets – coated and uncoated

Interference and broadband filtered

Neutral density filters

Lenses & prisms


Beam splitters and polarisers

Prisms, cubes and flats

Andor Technology

MIT is the partner in South Africa for Andor Technology and focussing on the Microscopy application.

This business is focussed on providing best in class performance.

The outstanding features are the modular architecture – Andor has integrated its own acclaimed products manufactured in Belfast with the best available software. It is supporting high quality products from other manufacturers

The DRAGONFLY – SuperResolution Platform

The most complete imaging solution ever  – these are the highlights:

  • instant confocal
  • Simulataneous multi-colour TIRF
  • Laser Widefield imaging
  • Single molecule imaging
  • VIS-NIR wavelengths

Reference Projects: A demonstration of this microscopy system was held in Dec 2016 in Cape Town

Products and Services

Scientific EMCCD and CMOS cameras

Andor Technology have captured the global market with their best cameras for scientific applications:

  • CCD and EMCCD cameras

  • CMOS cameras

  • Imaging and spectroscopy type applications

  • Ultra sensitivity – single photon sensitive


Ci-Systems is a global Electro-Optical (E-O) instrumentation company. It has facilities for manufacturing, testing and calibration as well as repair and maintenance.

MIT represents the European company with its location in Paris.

CI-Systems specialises in:

  • IR-sources and Test Sets
  • Black Bodies, Targets and Collimators
  • Boresight Systems
  • Laser Testers
  • Remote Sensing and Radiometers
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Products and Services

Black Bodies

Black bodies radiate temperature and wavelengths of objects.

Available as extended area Black Body Models or as Cavity Black Body.

There a re a number of versatile options available making the black body radiation source useful in developing new E-O military systems.

Main features:

  • removable temperature sensor for fast turnaround calibration
  • Temperature accuracy of 0.007 degree C
  • Temperature range -40 degree to 1200 degree C
  • Multifunction controller
  • Milli kelvin Temperature stability
  • Custom Options available

Collimator – METS Test Bench

Small and medium Aperture Collimators

The integration of a collimator with Black Body sources and a target wheel creates the CI-Systems FLIR tester series.

Modular design and easy customisation of components

  • Broad Band application 0.4 to 15 micronmeter
  • Large clear aperture range 4″ to 19″
  • Large Field of View 1 – 11 degrees
  • Accuracy over a wide range of temperatures
  • High reflectivity mirror
  • Rugged construction
  • Portable collimator configuration (ILET)


SR-5000N Spectroradiometer f Remote Sensing

This is the high-end top of the line Spectroradiometer allowing advanced work in object characterisation through radiometrically calibrated infrared signatures.

Applications of the SR-5000N Remote Sensing Spectroradiometer:

  • Calibration and testing of FLIR Test Systems, E-O Simulators, E-O sources and jammers as well as materials
  • Development and production of camouflage materials, rocket and jet engines, E-O sensors and heat seekers, E-O counter measures
  • Monitoring and Measurement of atmospheric transmission, temperature, emissivity, reflectivity, moisture content, air pollution and combustions processes

Targets and wheels

CI-Systems manufactures state-of-the-art IR targets for E-O test systems and offers laser micro-machining to satisfy the ultimate customer request.

Also available: standard targets like pinholes, edge targets, stripes, etc

Boresight and Systems Testers

Setting new standards in E-O testing: Boresighting – Optical boresighting for critical mission targeting.

Inflight boresighting units which enhance the accuracy of the on-board FLIR-Laser and/or CCD-Laser channels.

Designed to perate in harsh environments – drones, tanks, naval vessels and light armoured vehicles.


Labsphere is a US company specializing in Light Measurement and Characterization.

MIT is representing Labsphere for the entire sub-saharan region since 1995.

The product range is state-of-the-art and comprises instrumentation, calibration services and materials:

  • Integrating Spheres and Uniform Light Sources
  • Goniophotometers
  • UV-Transmittance Analysers (SPF Testers)
  • Sensors and sources
  • Optical calibration solutions for satellites
  • Imaging Systems for System performance and testing
  • Materials coatings and Standards
  • Spectralon, Spectraflect, Duraflect and Infragold
  • Reflectance standards, targets, wavelength standards with or w/out calibration.

    The following applications and industries are using and benefiting:
  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Cosmetics and Medical
  • Street lighting
  • Metrology, Science R & D
  • Lighting manufacturers
  • Remote sensing
  • Consumer Electronics
  • All Industries
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Products and Services

SPF Testing

The UV-2000S is the SPF tester of choice as used by L’Oreal for emulsion testing.

Menu driven application software providing automatic calculation of SPF using

  • ISO
  • Colipa
  • FDA
  • UVA/UVB ratio
  • and many others

Uniform Light Sources

Used to measure Luminance and Radiance

HELIOS and COLOSSUS are sphere systems with a modular design using intelligent components with various light sources for full spectrum rendering.

The Remote Sensing Industry is technology driven and evolving rapidly.

The dynamic product family combining the best features of product innovation and Labsphere Experience.

Standard Materials

Spectralon and Spectraflect as well as InfraGold are Labsphere Proprietary materials used for diffuse reflectance standards and coating in integrating spheres.

Spectralon is a solid material also available in Space Grade for the highest demands.

White Reflectance coating is available as a liquid (paint 6080) which can be sprayed on prepared surfaces.

Integrating Spheres

Available from 1 inch diameter to 2 m diameter and more they are coated in White reflectance material of Infragold for light measurement in the spectral range from UV (250 nm) to IR (2500 nm).

This is the sphere which was delivered in the project with Uganda, for the National Metrology Laboratory

Street Lighting

Offering instrumentation on automated platforms using intelligent components to characterise all light sources – LEDs, Incandescent and fluorescent – as used in the lighting Industry.

Eksma Optics

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Products and Services

Custom and standard Optics

Manufacturing Optics: Substrates of BK-7, Fused Si, Sapphire, Germanium etc in flats, domes, etc

Specialises in pockel cells.


PPMA doped with UV-filters used in manual preparation of a sunscreen lotion.

Plates are manufactured according to ISO testing standards. They are re-usable and traceable by unique numbering system.

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Products and Services

Helio Screens

PPM plates for manual dispersion of emulsions and lotions. Compliant with ISO testing requirements.


MIT is representing this global company in South Africa since 1995.
The parent Japanese company is called Sigma Koki, founded in 1977 and is well known for its high precision and quality of workmanship as well as specialisation.
Since 2014 the European branch is our direct partner on the same time zone.
ON-line catalogue and ordering is available through their website. Delivery and payment is available either direct or through MIT.
The major product lines are:
Optical components
Thin Film coatings
Opto-Mechanics and motion control

Suppliers of :
Daily – or standard – optical components (highest quality at best prices
Custom Optics – special materials, shapes, sizes and coatings
Certifications and testing results

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Products and Services

Optical components

Beamsplitters and Prisms
Rails and carriers

Cage system

The OptoSigma cage system is a family of components that allows optical systems to be built using a rigid, easy to assemble framework. There are 2 sizes available.
A variety of holders for mounting mirrors, lenses, polarisers, beamsplitter cubes and C-mount cameras.

Stages – mechanics

Precision positioning:
Manual and motorised

Bentham Instruments

English company based in Reading. Gloabally renown for

Premium Quality – High Precison Optical Metrology Instruments.

Manufacturer of the best monochromators worldwide

OEM partner for custom instrumentation.


German manufacturer of the ROBOGONIO pioneering this unique instrument for spatial Light measurement on 6 – axis platform.

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