About MIT

The MIT Mission

Continually offering and supplying niche market technology products by striving to keep at the forefront of development innovations and supply lines

MIT History

The Goldilux brand is intimately linked to the company, as its sole manufacturer, since MIT was founded by Margie Hengstberger in 1993.

Goldilux Lightmeters are the commercial instruments based on a design of an Absolute Radiometer, which was the research instrument built by Dr Franz Hengstberger at the CSIR in South Africa to redefine successfully the unit of light based on a primary physical unit, namely electricity.

The Goldilux range of light and UV-meters has been tried and tested since 1989, when the first prototype instrument was introduced. Many new models, for LEDs, phototherapy, combos of visible light and UV probes were added. Accredited calibrations from ISO 17025 laboratories are standard together with certification for intrinsic safety testing.

The late Dr Maurice McDowell, was the first Managing Director, of the company credited with designing some of the most outstanding optical systems for the buoyant aerospace and defense industries around 2000. For MIT he introduced globally recognised dealerships such as Labsphere, Andor, OptoSigma, PhotoResearch etc to the company portfolio to satisfy the niche market demand for sensors and optics as well as optics and radiation measurement instrumentation.

Under the leadership of Margie Hengstberger MIT moved to the CSIR campus and developed the management team as well as diversified the representations to include biomedical instrumentation by landing the trendsetting Tissuegnostics representation in Southern Africa, adding imaging cytometry for precision medicine in R &D centres of excellence here in South Africa.

The company has BEE Level 2 certification.