Phototherapy Analyser

This meter is used to measure harmful emmisions. Please follow all safety measures prescribed when using.

Neo Natal Phototherapy Meters

The radiometers are handheld instruments measuring blue-light irradiation in the spectral region. This is used for the effective treatment of jaundice in new-born babies (hyperbilirubinaemia).

The meter measures irradiance within the spectral response band matching the sensitivity and response of the human skin in a therapy setting in incubators.

The detector is a long lasting, stable silicon photodiode sensor with excellent linearity. The instrument can be used with all sources of blue lights used in incubators, including LEDs.

The instrument can be used for monitoring of light intensity of most models of blue light sources and neo-natal installations of various configurations. A compensation factor to standardise readings from Goldilux with other µW/cm2/nm instruments is applicable.

The instrument has been evaluated and endorsed by clinicians and consultants.

The effective irradiance is indicated in µW/cm.


New instruments are supplied with accredited calibration certificate

Dose Exposure

The infant needs to be exposed to blue lights at a dose of 5 – 10 µW/cm2 . The length of exposure is determined by the physician.

Compensation Factor

Goldilux Bilirubin meters are suitable for all blue light sources and installations. Notes: Spectral distributions and intensities vary between sources used by different manufacturers. 5 – 10 µW/cm2 Blue light has been determined as therepeutically effective. A compensation factor has been determined to standardise the Goldilux Bilirubin meter to read in line with recommended doses of the proprietary monitors.


The definition of a standardised action spectrum for bilirubinaemia is still the task of the Technical Committee TC 6-44 of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE). For more information visit the CIE Div 6 website. Other Goldilux instruments available in conjunction with Bilirubin Meters: Light meters & probes, UV-A meters & probes, UV-B & UV-C (UVGI).

Other Applications

For monitoring the output of curing lamps used by various industries (fibre manufacturers, printers), where peak sensitivities in the spectral range of 400 – 500 nm are applicable. A minimum light intensity is required for satisfactory manufacturing quality. Monitoring of various Blue Light therapy and tanning installations.


  • Predominantly used in medicine and health care monitoring


  • Robust, lightweight, handheld unit
  • Excellent stability over extended time periods
  • Excellent linearity
  • Digital display
  • Hold function
  • Powered by single, replaceable battery
  • Standard with calibration certificate, legal backing for measurements
  • One year manufacturers guarantee
  • Suitable for µW/cm2 or µW/cm2/nm measurements on LED (including popular brands like ‘NeoBlue’ and ‘Lullaby’)


Measuring Functions:
Measuring Range:0 to 200 000 µW/cm2
Accuracy:+/- 5% uncertainty
Readout:41/2 digit LCD display
Temperature Range:0 to 50°C
Hold Function:
Power Source:One PP3 9V battery, preferably alkaline.
Battery Life:
Dimensions:150 x 80 x 35 mm (basic unit)
Mass:Display unit: 220 g (with battery)

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