Goldilux Light Meters (Mining)

Goldilux light measuring instruments are perfect for the environment of mining, either underground or above ground.

The meters are robustly constructed with a strong exterior housing, good grip and large display.

Accredited laboratory certification ensures accurate, reliable measurements.

Intrinsically safe.

Reason for use in mining:

  • Environmental health and safety testing.
  • Sufficient light underground for safety: avoid accidents, collision, keep safe distance from machinery etc.
  • Check there is sufficient light in dusty and dark environment above ground.
  • Observe min light level as determined by SABS standards – monitored by safety officers.
  • Goldilux meters are adjusted to read correctly when calibrated at an accredited calibration lab.
  • Meter reading does not drift.
  • Housing is robust, water repellent, spare parts and repairs are available locally.
  • Comes in a handy bag attachable to mining suits/gear.